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Despite the supernatural series ending on an emotional tear-jerking finale in 2017, the adventure of the Mikaelson siblings in The Originals remains engraved in the hall of fame of fantasy television history. Several attributes are reasons for the show’s critical acclaim and commercial success for The CW network and fantasy television in general: its stunning visuals create a realistic paranormal ambiance; perfect soundtracks that evoke the right emotion in any scene; thrilling love triangles that’ll stimulate the coldest heart; and memorable quotes that entail priceless family and life lessons. In addition to thees features of The Originals, its compelling storyline and intriguing dynamic constantly unfolding between the six Mikaelson siblings throughout its five seasons earns the show a prominent rank among television series classics centered on siblings.


During and after the show’s run, there remain debates on who was the worst Mikaelson sibling, but little about who was the best, if there ever was one. It is easy to pick a Mikaelson based on personal preference, relatability with their unique personalities, struggles, storylines, or different endings. However, if sentiments are to be dismissed, which Mikaelson takes the best sibling award? Over the course of their millennium lifetime, who was the best Mikaelson brother or sister? Was it the hybrid bastard Klaus, the noble brother Elijah, or the cunning fox Kol, or does the title go to the passionate Rebekah? The answer may surprise you.

The History of the Mikaelson Siblings

In The Vampire Diaries, the Mikaelsons are introduced as ruthless apex vampires no one dares cross. It isn’t until we arrive at the spin-off that we get a more in-depth backstory on their early years as humans during an era that goes back as far as the dawn of time.

Before the Mikaelsons would cement their names as “The Originals” across Mystic Falls and New Orleans, they were a simple family living simple lives during the 11th Century. After the loss of their youngest sibling Henrik to a werewolf attack, Esther, the Mikaelson matriarch, was spurred to use her magic to turn Mikael (husband and father of her children, except for Klaus) and the rest of their living children into the world’s first vampires, from whom all vampires are descended.

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As tragic as the death of Henrick was, the Mikaelson parents were not new to the loss of a child. In The Originals Season 2, it is revealed that the Mikaelson parents had also lost their eldest daughter Freya, not to death this time, but to a sinister trade, leaving only Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah to make the vow of always and forever as they fled the wrath of their savage father, Mikael. The siblings settled from city to city, witnessing the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires. Simultaneously getting entangled in several betrayals, daggering, heartbreaks, and wholesome moments as seen in frequent flashbacks. Together, the Mikaelson siblings went through it all, in joy and pain.

So, Who Was the Best Mikaelson Sibling?

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When we examine the positive traits and actions that define any Mikaelson as the best, an underlying flaw disrupts the best sibling portrait. For example, Finn being the eldest son, one would expect him to assume the role of keeping the family’s bond tight. Still, seeing that he spent 900 years in a coffin due to his obsession with ending his siblings’ immortality, his journey and end was a tragedy. And many fans would agree he deserved better. The next character every fan within the fandom would deem the best Mikaelson is Elijah, the noble stag. Although his actions pursuing Klaus’ redemption for centuries and honoring the bonds of always and forever might be appealing, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, or Rebekah’s unifying familial efforts pales compared to their elder sister’s, Freya, played flawlessly by Riley Voelkel.

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Freya Was the Best Mikaleson Sibling

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Freya being the best Mikaelson sibling is a no-brainer. However, for additional arguments, here is Freya’s backstory to refresh our minds and some valid points to prove what we all know. Esther was initially barren, which led her to strike a deal with her evil sister Dahlia. Esther would give up her first female child as part of the deal. This is why Freya joins her younger siblings centuries later, during the events of The Originals season 2. Although it takes some time for Freya to gain the trust of their siblings, Freya always continues to prove herself as a true-born Mikaleson.

It takes a big heart for Freya to return to a family that constantly rejected her over and over until they had no reason to distrust her. In addition to her background, Freya is the best because she is the only Mikaleson with no hatred towards any of her siblings or parents. Unlike Elijah, whose familial duties are tailored only towards Klaus and Rebekah, Freya is for everyone, especially Finn and Kol, who are mostly neglected.

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Freya is the actual unifying glue holding the complex Mikaelson family tree. And this is shown time and time again, whether it is at Finn’s final funeral, Mikael’s death, Elijah’s mental maze, or during their comas at the end of season 3. Whenever the Mikaelson siblings are gathered and Freya is present, she is their backbone. She brings out the best in all of them usually in such a subtle way.

Yes, like a typical Mikaelson, Freya is far from perfect. She has bits of her siblings’ brute tendencies and is never slow to make vicious threats when anyone comes too close. Regardless, it never overshadows her humanity. Despite just a few seasons with younger siblings, she never failed to rise to the occasion. Whether it is by casting cloaking spells, binding spells, location spells, protection spells, or any charm to ensure her siblings and niece were safe from every impending danger. Even after having a family of her own with Keelin and Vincent, more than every other Mikaleson still alive, Freya ensures Hope is never alone in Legacies. Always acting as a guide to her niece and constantly serving as a reminder that Freya was the big sister the Mikaelsons never knew they needed.

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