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Top 10 Lagu Yang Lagi Viral di tiktok 2022: Viral TikTok songs may be enjoyed not only on music streaming apps, but also on a variety of other social media sites, one of which is TikTok.

TikTok video material appears more ‘alive’ and intriguing as a platform with a range of short video content that allows users to contribute songs.

Friends, you must have heard songs like “Sikok Bagi Dua” by Meli Dedi or “Peri Cintaku” by Ziva Magnolya on the TikTok program frequently. Isn’t there a ringing in the air?

Top 10 Lagu Yang Lagi Viral di tiktok 2022
Top 10 Lagu Yang Lagi Viral di tiktok 2022

Are you wondering about additional songs that have lately popped into your brain as a result of the TikTok app? Here is a list of popular and viral TikTok songs in 2022 . Some of these songs are almost certainly recognizable to you!

Top 10 Lagu Yang Lagi Viral di tiktok 2022

1. Ari Lasso – “Empty”

Surely the older generation is familiar with this song, right? “Empty” became one of Ari Lasso’s biggest hits. After leaving Dewa 19, he debuted this song in 2003 and gained immediate great feedback from Indonesian music fans.

The song Hampa depicts a guy overtaken by despair and grief. The reason for this is that his life became empty after his sweetheart abandoned him.

2. Farel Prayoga – “Ojo Di Bandingke”

Who hasn’t heard the tune “Ojo Di Bandingke”? This song was sung by small dangdut artist Farel Prayoga and quickly went viral, prompting him to be invited to sing it live at the Merdeka Palace event on August 17, 2022.

“Ojo Compared to,” which translates to “Don’t Compare,” is about a man who adores his fiancée. Despite being frequently compared to other guys, he maintains his genuineness.

3. Meli Dedi – Sikok Bagi Duo

The song “Sikok Bagi Duo” later got viral on TikTok. Many video makers use it as a background track for dancing or product promotion.

However, this song is extremely upsetting to people of Lubuklinggau and Palembang. This is due to the song “Sikok Bagi Duo,” which encourages listeners to utilize narcotics. Well, look at it!

4. Stacey Ryan – “Fall In Love Alone”

“Fall In Love Alone” is the next TikTok song to become viral. Stacey Ryan, a singer from Montreal, Canada, sang and popularized this song, which was released in 2022.

This song is about someone who has feelings for his closest buddy. He does not, however, desire to fall in love on his own. He hopes that the heart’s idol will send him signals and codes so that his effort will not be in vain.

5. Ziva Magnolya – “Fairy of My Love”

You’ve probably heard the song “Peri Cintaku” by teenage artist Ziva Magnolya while scrolling through TikTok. This song has a very profound message in addition to being highly unique with its high notes.

Yes, Yovie Widianto’s song speaks about the hardship of someone who wants to reach out to his love but is hampered by religious differences. Of course, this type of love tale is no longer a secret.

Furthermore, the song lyrics highlight a significant dilemma, namely how to behave if someone is stuck in a love story of two religions. What are your thoughts?

6. The Walters – “I Love You So”

“I Love You So,” the title of the song performed by The Walters, may appear to be popular. But make no mistake, this love song has a lively feel to it and is a lot of pleasure to listen to, friends.

However, the meaning of the words of the song I Love You So is not unlike to that of most love songs, which is about someone striving for his true love despite the numerous challenges that stand in his way.

This song, which was launched in 2014, has been heard a lot on the TikTok app, especially by individuals who wish to document moments with their spouse.

7. Justin Bieber – “Ghosts”

Recently, we’ve been hearing Justin Bieber’s song “Ghost” a lot, especially on the TikTok app. In reality, the DJ remix version of the song has millions of views on the social networking application.

This song is popular among TikTok fans because it has a deep message. This song is about someone who believes his life will be short.

However, it turns out that many individuals waste their time and their lives. He is no longer concerned about his family.

Despite the fact that the words appear to be deep, the song’s tone, which is delivered swiftly enough, has made it popular among young people on TikTok. Without a doubt, this song is also said to symbolize

8. Rizky Febian – “Until Old Together”

“Until Old Together” is a popular local song on numerous social media platforms, including TikTok. Typically, this music serves as the soundtrack for both sad and happy material or videos.

This song expresses remorse and hope for a relationship that is no longer working, despite the fact that the two lovers still love one other.

The music video for the song Until Tua Bersama was quickly in high demand by the audience and began trending on Indonesian music YouTube.

This song is especially significant for young people on TikTok since it emphasizes the issue of difficult love. Not surprisingly, this music is still alive and well on the platform.

9. Mahalini – “The Perfect Story”

“Perfect Story” is performed by Mahalini, a lovely singer who is Rizky Febian’s sweetheart. On Friday, April 22, 2022, the lyrics for this song were posted on the HITS Records YouTube account.

The meaning of this song is about a lady who is disillusioned and numb as a result of the love she previously devoted to her partner. He also doesn’t want to keep doing the same thing and turning into a flawless narrative.

Until someone comes along who can replace the emptiness in his heart by making every attempt to restore that person’s identity.

This love song is also quite familiar to young TikTok users who are experiencing similar emotions. So it’s no surprise that this song appears frequently in FYP videos.

10. Yura Yunita – “Inner Speech”

“Inner Speech” is a song by Yura Yunita, whose efforts frequently astound music fans. Yura Yunita is known for writing songs with profound and meaningful lyrics.

This song portrays the narrative of someone who is constantly grateful for their situation and never quits up no matter what. Always be thrilled about the life that God has planned for you.

Because it is packed with significance, this song is also said to boost many women’s self-confidence. Reminding us that only God possesses perfection.

This song frequently forms the background music for many people’s video content on TikTok who wish to communicate their sentiments. This song is often seen as a symbol of overcoming adversity.

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