The Last of Us Episode 6 Fixes Production Mistakes Following Fan Feedback The Talks Today

HBO’s adaptation of the popular video game The Last of Us has been making waves in the entertainment world. Recently, the network released an edited version of Season 1, Episode 6, “Kin,” that removed two crew mistakes that were previously spotted by fans of the show.

The first mistake occurred during a wide shot of Joel and Ellie walking across a bridge. In the original version, crew members and production equipment could be seen on the left side of the frame. This is a common mistake in film and television production, where crew members may accidentally wander into the shot, or equipment may be left out by mistake. The second mistake was in a scene between Ellie and her horse, Shimmer. Fans quickly noticed an animal handler’s glove on the horse’s bridle. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can take viewers out of the story and detract from the overall viewing experience.


The show has also been widely praised for its casting, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey delivering standout performances as Joel and Ellie, respectively. The Last of Us follows the two characters as they navigate a world overrun by infected humans, and their relationship is at the heart of the story. The show has been praised for its storytelling and visual effects, and it seems that even small mistakes are not going unnoticed by fans. However, the two production mistakes that were present in the initial version of Episode 6 are now absent in the version currently available on HBO and HBO Max.

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What To Expect From The Last of Us Episode 8

The Last of Us Episode 8 Ellie
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The Last of Us is being helmed by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and The Last of Us game writer and director Neil Druckmann. While the show has already aired seven episodes, the upcoming eighth episode is generating excitement among fans. The Last of Us episode 8 trailer suggests that the episode will pick up right where the previous episode left off. Ellie has found supplies to help Joel recover from his injuries, but it’s unclear how long it has been since he was stabbed. The winter landscape and Ellie’s hunting of local wildlife imply that the episode is still set in winter. However, the trailer also shows a new character, James, played by Troy Baker. Originally played by Reuben Langdon in the game, James was a member of the cannibal group that Ellie encountered.

The trailer also shows that the cannibal group’s leader, David, attempts to reason with Ellie to join his group. This suggests that the TV show may offer more depth and nuance to the characters and their motivations than the game did. In addition to Troy Baker’s James, other new characters will also be introduced in the upcoming episode. Fans are eager to see how the TV show will further develop the story and characters from the game. With Neil Druckmann’s involvement in the show, fans are optimistic that the TV adaptation will continue to be faithful to the game while also offering something new and exciting.

The Last of Us airs on HBO and HBO Max at 9 p.m. EST every Sunday.

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