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Terry Colby Arrested in Mr. RObot: “Terry Colby, the CTO. Even though he’s the head technology guy at one of the biggest companies in the world, he owns a Blackberry.


He’s not a techie. He’s a moron. An arrogant moron – the worst kind. ”


Terry Colby Arrested in Mr. RObot

Terence “Terry” Colby is an executive with a distinguished career who previously served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of E Corp. Colby, in spite of his position, is not particularly up-to-date with technology; in order to make up for this, he worked closely with Tyrell Wellick, an ambitious senior vice president of technology, in order to make up for this.

Bruce Altman is the actor that portrays Terry Colby.



Terry Colby and his entourage paid a visit to Allsafe Cybersecurity so that he could oversee the company’s cyber protection in his position as CTO.

After the DDoS assault on fsociety, officials from E Corp, Allsafe, the FBI, and the United States Cyber Command got together for a debriefing session. After initially praising Elliot Alderson for his efforts to resist the assault, Colby eventually loses patience with Angela Moss, makes fun of her for making minor errors in her presentation, and has her removed from the E Corp account as a result. This does not sit well with Elliot, so he presents fabricated evidence that implicates Terry Colby in the assault that was carried out by fsociety.

A few weeks later, Colby is taken into custody for his suspected participation, which the FBI believes was carried out with the intention of exerting pressure on E Corp while contract talks were taking place. Through the usage of the video “eps1.0 hellofriend.mov,” fsociety draws even more attention on Colby by proclaiming him to be their leader and asking that he be set free. (“eps1.1 ones-and-zer0es.mpeg”)

fsociety found out that Colby was one of three executives responsible for the Washington Township hazardous waste issue by conducting a series of data dumps and then dumping the info online. Colby was aware of the potentially lethal levels of toxicity that existed at the factory, but he said that retooling the program would not be “cost-effective” This information comes as a complete surprise to both Elliot and Angela, whose parents passed away as a direct consequence of Colby’s carelessness. (“eps1.2 d3bug.mkv”)

Angela Moss searches through the data dumps in search of information that may be put into action. She then delivers an annotated report to Antara Nayar, a lawyer who represented the plaintiffs in the first Washington Township class action lawsuit. Nayar is skeptical about their odds against the greatest corporation in the history of the world; she argues that the only conceivable way to win is by finding an eyewitness who is prepared to testify. Nayar is certain of E Corp’s culpability; yet, she is negative about their chances. (“eps1.5 br4ve-trave1er.asf”)

Angela makes contact with Terry Colby, ostensibly via their respective legal teams, and arranges a one-on-one meeting to take place at Terry’s residence. Colby at first makes a feeble attempt to buy her cooperation by presenting her with a blank check. Instead, Angela offers to testify that she breached chain of custody with crucial evidence in Colby’s case. This evidence is essential to the case. In exchange, Colby has agreed to testify against E Corp. in the class action lawsuit and respond to Angela’s inquiries on the events behind the cover-up.

After finally recognizing Angela from their conversation with Allsafe, Colby begins a verbal attack on her and sexually harasses her before turning to leave. Even though she is rattled, Angela maintains that she is Colby’s only chance: if the case against him goes on, his name would be ruined for all time, and he will lose the respect of everyone. Angela claims that she is Colby’s last hope.

Despite the fact that it seemed at first that the meeting would be futile, Angela was later summoned back to Colby’s house, where he agreed to her requirements. Colby narrates the meeting when he and his coworkers resolved to cover up the leak. As he does so, he thinks back on the weather, the drinks, and his fellow businesspeople. Angela explains that her mother passed away as a direct consequence of the inebriated choice made by the executives, and she inquires as to whether or not they had any feelings of regret or reluctance; Colby admits that he had, but they soon disappeared as life went on. The case brought against Colby by the FBI is immediately dropped, and he is given immunity from prosecution in the case brought against Washington Township. (“eps1.6 v1ew-s0urce.flv”)

At the beginning of the month of May, Terry Colby pays a visit to Angela at her house. He compliments her on her short-term approach and admits that he was pleased with how she handled the situation. He makes the offer to get her a position at E Corp and guarantees that she would be able to effect change from inside the company if she accepts. (“eps1.8 m1rr0r1ng.qt”)

In the month of August, Colby had a meeting with Phillip Price, the CEO of E Corp and a personal friend. He hands Price the last advance copy of his book biography, The Last Honest Man, and the two of them discuss how distasteful they find the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump. After some small talk, business is discussed, and Price begs Colby to cash in favors with prominent Washington powerbrokers in order to influence a United Nations vote on Chinese annexation of the Congo. Colby voices his reservations, but in the end he accepts and asks Price for an open and honest response regarding his objectives, which span the globe.

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