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News about Doctor Who has been flooding the internet recently after Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor regenerated into David Tennant, making him the 10th and 13th Doctor. But Doctor Who has more surprises in store when the announcement came before that Ncuti Gatwa would be playing the 14th Doctor in the 14th season of Doctor Who’s new era. This new season will air after the 3-episode run of Who’s 60th anniversary special and will star Gatwa entirely as the new Doctor. But fans may have to wait a while since announcements were made that the 3-episode special won’t air until November 2023.

The 14th season of Doctor Who promises to be a good one as, along with Ncuti Gatwa, it also brings on Russell T. Davies. Davies is a prolific writer who has been working on Doctor Who since 2005. He has written several Doctor Who Specials as well as written for the spinoff series Torchwood. Both actor and director are excited to work together. But fans wonder about the fate of this new Doctor as no one yet knows what perils he might face. His companion remains a secret as well. As the 14th season of Doctor Who forges into its future, we anxiously wait to see if this new season will be bigger on the inside.

The Doctor hasn’t quite regenerated into Ncuti Gatwa yet, so there’s a bit of confusion between now and season 14 that will have to sort itself out before we know what’s going on. When Jodie Whittaker revealed herself as David Tennant again, many fans were surprised and delighted. Tennant was likely the most popular Doctor of the recent era, and seeing him back was a lovely twist to many people. But unfortunately, we won’t be seeing him for long. Whatever happened to the Doctor, this reverse re-regeneration will probably be the major problem for what happens in the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary special.

Whatever David Tennant will have to sort out as the Doctor will probably be related to this past body he’s found himself trapped in. And whatever wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff is going on here, no doubt it’s caused by whatever villain Neil Patrick Harris will be playing. Whatever happens at the end of this special will likely provide the impetus for what occurs in Doctor Who’s 14th season.

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We also might see a change in direction for Doctor Who in its style and content as Bad Wolf productions take the helm in making the series. This will likely mean a bigger investment in the show and may even find people working at a whole new level. The plot may take a more fan-friendly direction, one that appeals to bigger Whovians than one that tries to reach a broader audience. The plot might have references to old Doctors or explore deep lore that others might not get. But Bad Wolf will likely bring to the series an air of true Doctor Who spirit that other production companies may have ignored in favor of profit margins.

But with the 60th Anniversary special still on its way, there is little we know about the plot of season 14. We’ll have to wait until these incredible events resolve themselves to see just what mess the Doctor will have to get himself out of this time. But WhatToWatch quoted Russell T. Davis as saying:

Ncuti Gatwa has been confirmed for the role of the 14th Doctor after David Tennant sorts his confusion in the 60th Anniversary special. He had a role in Sex Education and will appear in Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie next year. He is extremely excited to be the next Doctor. So much so that he released a statement back when he was first announced for the role in May 2022, stating:

Russell T. Davies will return to help write the series. Davies has written on and off for Doctor Who for years and is known to be one of the show’s most popular showrunners. He was quoted by DigitalSpy, as saying:

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Chris Chibnall will likely serve as the showrunner for the coming season and will probably write alongside Davies. He expressed his excitement as well:

Besides these few crew members and the star, there have been no other announcements about who will be involved next season of Doctor Who.

As yet, Doctor Who’s 14th season has no official release date. But it will start sometime after the 60th Anniversary special, which will air around November 23rd, 2023.

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