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Disney and Pixar are riddled with sequels and live-action remakes. Over the years, many of Disney’s most notable films have received live-action remakes, such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Mulan. As a result, the movies have been met with uncertainty from fans, especially films such as The Lion King. However, it never seems that Disney is making these films through a new perspective or that they are adding anything in particular that is meant to add a layer of new life to the film. Instead, they are usually as close to the original interpretation as they can make it, which leads to questions regarding why they are being remade in the first place. The answer seems to be money, but live-action remakes tend to get panned by critics and audiences.

However, while Pixar movies may not have gotten the live-action treatment, they are guilty of unnecessary sequels. Did Cars need to go beyond the first one? Cars 2 is considered one of the worst Pixar movies, and in response to the criticism, Pixar followed it up with Cars 3. Although, perhaps one of the biggest offenders is the announced Toy Story 5. While Disney and Pixar need to get back to focusing on original films, plenty of their already existing movies should not receive a sequel or live-action remake.

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10 Encanto (2021)

Encanto‘s tragic and uplifting family-centric story of Mirabel trying to save her family, and their miracle, should be left alone. Mirabel’s journey of self-acceptance as the only member of her family without powers and how she can still play an integral role in their lives is at the heart of the film, as no matter what happens, Mirabel loves her family. But, the movie also makes other great calls, such as Luisa’s uncertainty about what role she plays without her power and the suggestion that her super strength is the only significance she has in her family, even though that is not true.

Meanwhile, Isabela faces the conflict of always being expected to make something pretty when that is not all she can do. Even the misunderstandings surrounding Bruno play a massive role in complex family dynamics. The movie covers so much but has a solid emotional and earned ending that should not be messed with due to a sequel.

9 Coco (2017)

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Pixar’s look at Day of the Dead focuses on Miguel, a young boy whose love for music contradicts his family’s long-time problems with it. His family history reveals that Imelda had banned music from the household, and following generations continued the rule. However, when Miguel ends up on an unexpected journey, he discovers the truth about his family’s history. Coco captures the Pixar magic of a funny and emotional film, which also manages to tie up loose ends by the conclusion. Coco’s story feels complete at the movie’s end, and there is no open space left to feature a sequel that risks the potential of undoing what Coco achieved.

8 Soul (2020)

jamie foxx soul

When Joe finds his hopeful future ruined just after potentially achieving his dream, he must help 22 find a spark that encourages her to be born on Earth. The thing is, 22 has never been interested in anything Earth has to offer. However, a trip to Earth has 22 experiencing what the world is like while Joe is desperate to return to his life. Soul follows Pixar’s formula of showing that there is a difference between what a character wants and what they need, and how their life may not go as anticipated, but it can still lead to great things.

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7 Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

One of the most devastating Disney movies, Big Hero 6, told a complete story and did not need a sequel. Hiro’s emotional journey is entirely linked to his brother’s death, and as Hiro’s villain is also connected to Tadashi’s death, a sequel, which may not have anything to do with it, would lack the same emotional connection. However, it is also a movie that should never receive a live-action remake. While Baymax is cute and friendly in its animated form, a live-action remake runs the risk of making Baymax seem less friendly than the animated character.

6 Turning Red (2022)


The coming-of-age story beautifully portrays the messiness of growing up, told through the perspective and story of the red panda transformation. Similarly to Encanto, it is a story about a family’s generational trauma and needing to let go of the past to move forward. However, just because letting go of the red panda worked for Mei’s mother and many other relatives does not mean it was the right choice for Mei. Mei must decide for herself what the right choice is regarding her red panda counterpart, something she does by the movie’s conclusion. However, Mei also works things out with her mother, thus bringing one of the hearts of the conflict to a close.

5 Brave (2012)


Merida’s journey of choosing to avoid marriage to live her life as she wants to make it a stand-out Pixar film. However, similarly to other Disney movies, plenty of the heart and charm from the movie is because of its animated presentation. A live-action adaptation almost always runs the risk of losing what made the animated portrayal so enjoyable, whether it be in the presentation of the character’s larger-than-life persona or in other elements of the movie.

4 Moana (2016)

Walt Disney Pictures

The ocean calls, no matter how much Moana may resist for the sake of her parents. However, after years of avoiding the call, Moana finally gives in to adventure after wise words from her grandmother. So Moana sets out to find Maui and return to the heart of te fiti. The Disney film is filled with beautiful animation, developing the water as its own character and playing with the tattoos on Maui’s back. However, turning the movie into a live-action adaptation risks messing with the charm and beauty that animation brings to the film.

3 Up (2009)

Carl and Ellie on a picnic in Up
Walt Disney Studios

The first 10 minutes of Up tragically set up the emotional arc Carl must face throughout the film. After wishing for years to go on adventures with his wife, Carl is left a bitter older man after Ellie passes away. Carl never got to go on the one journey with Ellie they always wanted, and the emotional punch comes when Carl realizes that Ellie viewed their entire life together as an adventure. Part of the film’s closure comes from Carl opening his heart to young Russell and considering the child as a grandson and friend he needed and who needed him due to Russell’s lack of a constant father figure. As the film closes, Carl and Russell become the friend the other needs, and Carl gains the closure he needs from Ellie’s death.

2 The Princess And The Frog (2009)

The Princess and the Frog Tiana and Naveen
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What makes The Princess and the Frog work, for one, is how the story flips the script on the initial concept that true love’s kiss will turn the frog into a prince. Instead, Tiana joins Naveen as a frog. However, it is also a journey in self-growth. Naveen and Tiana gain a new outlook on life as frogs as opposed to humans. Their love story coincides with their transition back to human form, and they are granted a happily ever after.

But, fans have panned Disney’s attempt to take a more realistic approach to animals, most specifically in the remake of The Lion King, and seeing as Tiana and Naveen spend the majority of the movie as frogs, the film runs the risk of a similar controversy if the CGI can not match the expressive behavior of the animated counterpart.

1 Luca (2021)

Disney / Pixar

Luca is a coming-of-age friendship story about Luca, who wants to experience a world and life he never knew before. Luca presents the friendship stories well and allows for character growth among Luca, Alberto, and Giulia. Like other Pixar films, Luca grants a different sort of ending for Luca and Alberto than they initially would have viewed as their ideal ending. They go their separate ways but stay in contact afterward. However, the movie still broadens their worlds by giving them new life experiences and vital friendships.

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